Billie Halliday

Similar to Banksy out of London, Billie is an unknown artist whose NFT work is a collection of political satire that documents and sheds light on what’s happening in the world today – as it happens. Billie’s work is provocative, cutting edge, historical and collectible.

Garilyn Brune

A deceased Los Angeles drag queen whose images of Rush Limbaugh and Mitch McConnell will provoke thoughts and question our assumptions.

Maggie Hall

Remo Camerota

Shevi Al Faud

AKA “veevinci,” is a designer and illustrator from Bangladesh. Her work is based on her personal observations, insights, and interpretations of the human condition and the world around her.

Lou Majors

Andy Young

Carlos Fernández

Fractus Barnsley

Fractus Barnsley is a visual artist who creates fractal creatures, cosmic nebulas, visualized mathematics, and generated emotions. His work transforms simple images, using them to transport the viewer into a different dimension.

Evgeniya Porechenskaya

Evgeniya Porechenskaya (AKA “Jenya Po”) is a Russian artist who’s work is filled with psychedelic influences, eye-popping color, and meme-like visual humor. Her work is fun, creative, and colorful. And when the artist herself appears in her works, the results are eye-popping, sexy, and engaging.