People Reign


People Reign hosted its launch party in Las Vegas on May 27, 2022. The purpose of the party, which was a huge success, was to introduce People Reign to the world. See, the Instagram and YouTube videos.


NFT Releases will occur on major Ethereum and Solana platforms throughout 2022 and 2023, and will feature the works of incredible artists, and teams of artists, from around the world. See, the artists, NFTs and platforms.

These highly unique collections will break new ground in the NFT space, and push the envelope of what’s possible with this new technology.

Some of these unique NFTs will provide a historical record of what our generation is contemporaneously witnessing, minted immutably on the blockchain, for future generations to enjoy, collect, and trade.

People Reign NFTs will pioneer and showcase new opportunities to harness blockchain and NFT technology, to advance the public good, and create new “firsts” in the NFT space. We believe these NFTs will be more collectible as a consequence. Our hope is that they will come to define the NFT space for generations to come.


Depending on the success of our NFT’s, a portion of the revenue from sales will be used by People Reign to continue hosting parties/IRL events around the U.S. and abroad. It will also allow us to engage in marketing and promotion, and to continue creating and minting new, and increasingly fascinating, and utilitarian NFTs. NFTs that will be designed to encourage thought, challenge the status quo, and inspire change.


It’s important for everyone in the emerging NFTs space to understand that this is a new, emerging, and highly volatile space. No one can predict what, if anything, any NFT will be worth. The entire ecosystem defies predictions. So, we won’t make any predictions.

We make no representations or warranties of any kind and all such warranties are expressly disclaimed.

Instead, we will offer works that we believe are exceptional. And we will endeavor to build a community around what we hope and trust will be a collection that is worthy of the Metaverses of the future.

Our primary focus will be on creating great art, while building and supporting our community. We have many goals, ambitions, and aspirations - but offer no guarantees or promises. Only our dedication to the pursuit of excellence and the importance of community.

People Reign will offer its artist and collector community leadership, insight, and direction, on what is possible in the emerging NFT space.